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LA Actors Online provides a wide array of incredible resources...

There is a tremendous amount of information to be found on the web. Our members are always surfing to find the best sites that offer relevant information at no cost. The following links and their descriptions are the best of the best that we have found.

Since the web is ever-changing, we are constantly updating this page to include all the new and delete the old.

If you know of a great site or want to submit your site for consideration, Contact LA-Actors. your site must have information that will benefit actors without a charge or be willing to offer a discount for members of laactors online.

Audiences Unlimited - Go here for free tickets to sitcoms that are filmed in the Los Angeles studios. This is one of the best ways to study your craft - by seeing other actors at work. You'll also learn how sitcoms are shot, studio layout, and possibly even a little "setiquette".

Box Office Report - If you like to keep up on what is happening at the box office, this site will give you everything you needed to know.

Caryn.com - Lots of links to tons of sites. All about acting.

The Hollywood Reporter has news, information and lots of other cool stuff.

Internet Movie Database - fully searchable movie database that includes casting director information. A must when you are going to meet a CD or want more information on what they have cast in the past.

Investigating Licensed Talent Agencies. This link will allow you to check the license of any agency to verify that they are licensed and when their license renews. If you want to find out about any registered complaints or additional information, call the California State Bureau of Labor at (415) 975-2065.

MovieFone - Information on all your favorite movie listings are just a click away.

Movie Web Top 50 US Films - The top 50 grossing films ofall time according to domestic gross.

Oscars website - The official Oscar page.

SAG Franchised Agencies - The list of all franchised agencies from SAG's website. This is a direct link.

The Monologue Shop - The Monologue Shop is a dynamic and growing collection of original and classical writings, a monthly subscription service created for actors ages 17 and up in need of material for class-work and auditions.

Zap2it.com - Get the latest Nielsen Ratings on your TV hitlist plus lots of industry news..

To submit your site for consideration, Contact LA-Actors
Your site must have information that will benefit actors without a charge or be willing to offer a discount for members of LA-Actors Online.