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The following is just a sample of the emails and calls we get every day. It truly makes the hard work we've put in worth it and as actors, we're creating opportunities for us as well! Please join us in celebrating their success!
If you have a success story, we'd love to hear it at success@nowcasting.com.
In Short, Now Casting works - from Bunnie Rivera
I submitted for The Shield and booked a co-star role on a weekly contract, submitted for Teen Fosters pilot and booked a guest role, submitted for Arrested Development and got close enough that they called my agent to have me stand by - in short, Nowcasting works.
Long story short, I booked the job. - from Jack Harding
I submitted for a co-star role on the sitcom "REBA". I chose, from my photos, the one I felt was the most appropriate...wrote a short note, then click... I was submitted. Two days later, the casting director called! Long story short, I booked the job.
I've often read success stories thinking "that's nice, but it won't really happen to me". Well, I was wrong. Now Casting helps it happen. The notices are real and real casting directors look at your submissions! The notices are on Now Casting, because Casting directors put them there. Thanks!

Co-Star Audition - from Kathlyn Miles
I got an audition for a guest star for the new series "Cold Case" through a submission through Now Casting. Thanks very much.
Commercial Audition - from Pamela Munro
Got a call for a commercial with Jenny O'Haver - & in the green room, the buzz was that Now Casting was the only internet casting site that WORKS. Thanks to everyone.

Legit Network Shows - from Tara Platt
We recently joined NowCasting.com and it is:
A) Not a scam.
B) Working.
We've started getting calls from online submissions through Now Casting. Not just student films and non-union work, either, but legit, network shows, SAG films, industrials, commercials and more. Submitting online is saving us time and money.
9 Auditions & 4 Jobs! - from Suzette Andrea
I have only been with Now Casting in the "Marketer" program for one month and have already been called for 3 PILOTS, 2 COMMERCIALS, AND 4 FEATURES! I have booked 2 pilots, and 2 out of the 4 Feature Films! Why didn't I know about this YEARS AGO! I could have been WAY ahead of my game had I known about your site years earlier! Thanks for providing a safe environment where BOTH Casting and Actors can both feel comfortable contacting each other not to mention that we actors can actually get in touch with casting with submissions! Wow! I can't say thanks enough!
Landed Paying Jobs - from Elizabeth Fields
I have been a member of your website for over 2 years and I have received more audition requests (4 this week alone and it's only Tuesday) from your website than I have from my Hollywood agent. I also have landed paying jobs by using your website that have also helped me build my resume. Your web site is the easiest to use of all the sites I subscribe to, not to mention the money I am saving by not having to mail out headshots. I have also had the privilege of auditioning for some of the biggest names in the industry. I am very grateful that you make this site available. It has definitely paid for itself. Please keep up the good work.

Booked A Film - from Darrell Mapson
Greetings to all at the Nowcasting office. After submitting for "Death & Texas", I was recently able to work on the film with Charles Durning and Steve Harris. I played Jimmy the prison guard. It was great to work with a couple of awesome actors and a good director and crew. Thanks guys for keeping the listings current.

Booked A Commercial - from Sheila Abram for London Morris
I submitted my son London Morris on the Verizon breakdown on Friday. His Agent called me Monday morning with his audition time for Tuesday. I know It was now casting submission system that WORKED!

Paid for itself - from Suzanne Ford
With one click, I submitted myself for an Internet soap opera called "Love and Revenge." They looked at my photo, resume and reel online. They called and offered me the part.
How simple is that? I have now paid for my "The Works" membership several times over with just this one job. Thank you!
The Numbers Work! - from Debbie Britt-Hay
Hi guys. Just wanted to thank you for starting such a fabulous site. In two months, I've submitted myself on 36 roles, I've already been called in for 8 auditions, I've booked one and still have one pending, and two I wasn't available for, so my average is pretty good! Thanks so much for making this available to all us working actors who really want to make the effort to advance our careers!
No Theatrical Agent, But Booked a Pilot! - from Toni Youngblood
Having only a commercial agent, I have been submitting myself to various theatrical notices. Last week, I electronically submitted to a new TV pilot and not only did I get an audition, I booked the spot! My first real tv guest role came via Nowcasting!! Thank you Nowcasting!
Love Your Service!! - from Kevin Draper
I've been a now casting member since October, and very much love your service!! I have been on handful of auditions, and booked a feature, "the Road to Canyon Lake" that will shoot in January; nice people behind it, and would not have known about it if not for your service.
Your service has helped make my future seem much more attainable. I tell everyone I know about you folks; best $10 a month I spend!!!
Instant Response - from Emilie Jimmo for John Jimmo
A couple of weeks ago you had a SAG commercial notice, I submitted my son John Jimmo electronically and immediately after, the casting director called John's agent and set up the audition date. John had a callback this morning and before we got home we get a call saying John booked the commercial.
Thank you to all "Now Casting staff " for all your hard work in putting this website together. YOU ROCK!
Surprised My Agent - from James Schendel
I used NOW Casting to submit myself for the role of the Sheriff for an episode of The Shield. This was one of many things I have submitted myself for through the NOW Casting Website. Honestly, I really never thought anything would come of it. I truly believed that email submissions were destined only for the delete key. But then I thought well, hey, all I have to do is to make a few mouse clicks, what could it hurt??
And then my agent calls me a few days later, somewhat bewildered because I got an audition for The Shield when he had never submitted me. I told him about Now Casting and now he is requesting all of his clients to use the service. Although I did not get a callback, at least I had the chance to be seen for the casting directors of The Shield and who knows? Maybe now they will call me in for something else. Thanks.
More Access And More Control - from Michele Hutton
I have had 2 auditions through now casting, which is more than more agent has gotten me. I love that I have more access to whats going on, I feel like I have more control of my career because of Now Casting! Can't wait to tell you guys I booked! Thanks for all your hard work, its really appreciated.
The Skeptic - from Clarissa Ngo, A Now Casting Fan
Okay--I was skeptical at first. Another acting expense in addition to the 10,000 others? Actually, though, I have found that Now Casting pays for itself in the MONEY I SAVE in stamps and pictures, not to mention TIME. I love submitting myself in one second instead of addressing and mailing countless envelopes. I dream of the day that Now Casting takes over the world and I'll never have to photocopy and cut my resume again! Oh yeah, and did I mention that I'm getting tons of auditions and many cool jobs? My final point is that the Now Casting people are NICE TO ACTORS. When my agent didn't have the time to send me sides and I could get them nowhere else, the Now Casting staff personally contacted the casting director, e-mailed them to me, and then called me to make sure that I received them. Now that's service.
Better Than Backstage West - from Daavid Hawkins
Just to let you guys know: I have gotten more responses to my submissions on the site in the last month than I have from the last six months of submissions made through BSW. Thanks!!

Got My SAG Card - from Lisa and Mickey Mello
We had a third callback for the Hardee's commercial. Found out today that Mickey booked the job!!! I know that I submited off of your web site for that job. Thanks. This is Mickey's first big job and he is getting his SAG card!!! We will keep in touch.
Opportunity To Act - from Bubba Da Skitso
So far I've been cast in a SAG Eligible Student Film Comedy. It was huge fun, a great experience, I made some great connections and I'd like to think friends. And the best part is I had another opportunity to act and that's what I love doing! It's not about the part. It's not about the money. It's about acting.
Thursday Submit, Friday Call, Monday Audition - from Nancy Shields
My success story is just this - I submit on a Thursday - I get an audition reply on Friday - I go to the audition today - Monday - and it was great! It was a seamless way to submit my pictures and now I am spoiled!
Auditioning - from Kate McCauly
We love your site! I wanted to share with you the success we have been having. My daughter was just called on 2 auditions from postings on the site. Thanks