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Casting Director Benefits Today's News:       Boo! A Madea Halloween is number 1 at BO with $27M      Taylor Swift deposition against DJ:He put his hand      David Letterman on 1st TV gig:Bill Murray saved me      Miley Cyrus:Kiss my ass if you don't vote for Hill      Sting to get American Music Award of Merit      Bieber storms out on fans who won't stop screaming                    

Casting Directors (Free) - Members of the CSA or CCDA as well as other established Casting Directors and staff have free access to the Now Casting System.

If the above does not apply to you (i.e. Student, Indie Producer, Theater Company, etc.) and you want to create a Free Now Casting Notice - Click Here.

Free services include:
  • The Now Casting Talent Database - Access the only searchable talent listing that is completely free - now and forever for union actors and those represented by franchised agents. Find actors immediately from our 348465 actors with our quick and easy search engine.
  • Online Talent Filing Cabinets - Create and title your own online Filing Cabinets and fill them with the actors you find in searches and submissions. The actor information stays current and the cabinets go with you no matter where you are working.
  • Electronic Submissions - Receive secure online submissions immediately via email links or in your Now Casting homepage. Why open envelopes or accept low quality faxes? Even if you still require hardcopy you can pre-select talent and only get the headshots you really need.
  • Online Demo Reels - High quality streaming video that can play full screen on your computer - delivered to you immediately over any high- speed internet access.
  • Sides Library - Are your sides posted correctly? Lost your last copy? Quickly find your sides in our searchable sides database. Search by role, project or CD, then download and print or email the sides. (Agents also have free access to the sides, so make sure you have them posted here.)
  • Shared Project Information - Casting “companies” can add or remove CDs, Associates and Assistants in their Now Casting profile. CDs can partner with other CDs to create new or even temporary companies.
  • Company Listing - Keep your contact information current, so industry professionals that need to find you can do so.