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To register as an Agency you need to call NowCasting.com ( 818-841-7165 ) and speak with Bruno Oliver. You may also email to bruno@nowcasting.com. If your agency is already registered and you have forgotten your username and password please call us directly.

If you need sides immediately after hours, remember anyone can sign up with actor free registration.

What is NowCasting.com?
In a nutshell, we are an interactive online database for Actors, Agents, Managers and CDs and we offer variety of services for the industry. Qualified agencies can view the free NowCasting Notices and access other features. If the agency posts their roster in the database they can submit directly to Now Casting Notices or create online "actor packages" that can be emailed wherever they like. These services are provided free forever.

  • Qualified Agencies will never be charged to view and/or submit through NowCasting Notices.
  • Union and/or Represented Actors will never be forced to pay in order to keep their files active and updated.
(To answer your obvious question...the NowCasting database supports itself through a variety of optional actor marketing tools such as networking info, online demo reels, labels and guides, etc. These services are completely optional as is made very clear to all actors.)

What can the Agent do with Now Casting access?

  • View and Submit to Now Casting Notices.
  • Access Audition Sides and Scripts. The Sides database is searchable and easy to use. Casting can post whole scripts at no cost to them or you.
  • Manage the Talent Roster. View, edit, search, and remove client profiles. You can even choose preferred default pictures and upload additional ones to clients' files.
  • Create and send online "Actor Packages". Stop Faxing and Fedexing! Quickly send linked actor profiles to any email anytime. No bulky attachments.
  • Find New Talent. Post a "Now Seeking" Notice with specific criteria and Actors can submit electronically (or hard copy if you wish). Electronic submissions do not go to your email - you check them online. Submissions include the whole actor profile, including optional demo reels.
  • Search the Casting Director Database. Access our up-to-date CD database that includes contact info, associates, assistants, current and past projects, likes, dislikes and more.
  • Printable Headshots. Always have a back up available.

Why should every Agency post their roster?

  • Good for the Agent. Saves you time and money. Increases the visibility and opportunities for your clients. As a guaranteed FREE online service you will never be put in the awful position of being some other companies salesperson.
  • Good for the Casting Directors. With 362122 actors in the Database (constantly growing) and no fees to be listed, the NowCasting Database can be the complete Actor Locator that professional CDs truly need. Also, even those CDs who aren't ready for online submissions can appreciate distributing info though a secured FREE alternative.
  • Good for the Actors. NowCasting is the only service that is guaranteeing that we will never, ever, ever turn around and start charging actors for the privilege of being in the database or for keeping their own files current. After all... anyone can take your clients pictures and scan and upload them… but in the LONG RUN the database itself must be free for the actor and/or agent to maintain or the online roster will eventually crumble.
  • Good for Everyone. The business of theatrical Talent Representation and Casting will slowly but surely move online. Now Casting is your opportunity influence that future…a future that offers everyone more flexibility, more security, more time and less fees. Don't let others make choices for you that you and your talent may have to live with for a long time.

Qualified agencies are not required to post their roster in order to have access to other NowCasting features, including the free Now Casting Notices.