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Now Casting Notices allow actors to submit electronically to projects created by casting directors on our web site. The notices below are all active and looking for actors.

NOTE: Now Casting Notices change daily. Many notices are up for only a day or a few hours.

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    Project Name Union - Project Type CD Mod
  NEW ACTORS INK VOL. 12, NUMBER 17 IS UP! Memo Now Casting Staff N/A
  Tyler Perry Studios - Generals - African American OTHER - Special Tyler Perry Studios 05/13/15
  Tyler Perry Studios - Generals - Latin/Hispanic OTHER - Special Tyler Perry Studios 05/13/15
  Tyler Perry Studios - Generals - Caucasian OTHER - Special Tyler Perry Studios 05/13/15
  Tyler Perry Studios - Generals - Asian OTHER - Special Tyler Perry Studios 05/13/15
  Pretty Woman Cafe Non-Union - Movie for Television Ocean Wave 05/24/15
  Trump Tight Non-Union - Episodic HD Enterprises 05/11/15
Feature Film
  Shah-Tia Brielle - Love Addiction Music Vdieo Non-Union - Presentation Scene/Short Brielle's Media & Montage Development 05/22/15
  I Spit On Your Grave - Deja Vu SAG - Feature Film Barquel Creations. Inc. 05/12/15
  Untitled Vanessa Knutsen SAG-AFTRA - Feature Film Vanessa Knutsen 03/29/15
  Rolling With The Stones Non-Union - Feature Film Shannon Smith 05/20/15
  ONE DAY OF FREEDOM Non-Union - Feature Film M. Ejeye Films 04/23/15
  Life in the Deep Non-Union - Feature Film New Revolution Studios 05/21/15
  'Wronged' Non-Union - Feature Film Diamond Dead Media 04/24/15
  Introverted Mind Non-Union - Feature Film Starr Management 05/22/15
  Waiting In The Wings: The Musical Sequel SAG-AFTRA - Feature Film JJ Spotlight Productions 05/04/15
  The Do-Over SAG-AFTRA - Feature Film Roger Mussenden 05/20/15
  Untitled Mafia Film Non-Union - Feature Film Yusaku Mizoguchi 05/04/15
  The Cabin Non-Union - Feature Film Carpenter Avenue Media 05/18/15
Commercial & Industrials
  Maxim NYC Casting - Maxim Models Non-Union - Variety PUSH Models 05/19/15
  Mattel Comic Con San Diego Non-Jurisdictional - Trade Show Lesley Collis 05/11/15
  Mattel Comic Con Booth Assistants Non-Jurisdictional - Trade Show Lesley Collis 05/20/15
  Mattl Comic Con MALE Booth Assistants Non-Jurisdictional - Trade Show Mattel 05/21/15
  Lucky Buddha Beer Commercial Non-Union - Commercial Contest Submission DreamJobbing 04/29/15
Internet/Music Video/Voice Over
  "Unsavable" the series - one Non-Union - Web Series Embrace Casting 12/01/14
  It's Just Me! Non-Union - Web Series Pink Pictures 05/16/15
  Pretty Good Numbers Non-Union - PSA (Internet use only) Imprima Productions 04/30/15
  KSHMR - JAMMU :: Music Video Non-Union - Music Video Deltree Inc 05/19/15
  Isolated Non-Union - Internet Wonderful Nightmares 04/29/15
  FITNESS COMMERCIAL FOR A DATING SITE Non-Union - Commercial (Internet) NEELY GURMAN 05/22/15
  Magicians Assistant Non-Union - Touring Show Mad Little Raven Productions 05/20/15
  HIT THE WALL - (West Coast Premiere) AEA - Play JAM Casting 05/19/15
  Sleeping in a Dangerous Hour Non-Union - Play Crockett Couples Ministry 05/22/15
  Lookingglass Theatre Company of Chicago - (General Casting Database - Chicago Local Talent) AEA - Play Lookingglass Theatre Company 04/01/15
  Othello, Romeo and Juliet in repertory Non-Union - Play Mosaic Acting Ensemble 05/02/15
  Shakespeare’s R&J Non-Union - Play Long Beach Playouse 05/18/15
  TWILIGHT TIME - Musical Play Non-Union - Musical Old Lions Still Roar Inc. 04/25/15
Shorts & Student Projects
  The Oliver Duffy Show SAG - Undergraduate Thesis Corey Pinchoff 05/06/15
  Journey Into Manhood Non-Union - Trailer Journey Into Manhood Inc 05/18/15
  Could I have this kiss forever Non-Union - Thesis Jarod Dean 05/16/15
  Untitled Horror Short Non-Union - Thesis Adonis Lugo Productions 05/19/15
  anti smoking Non-Union - Student Project a.i 02/29/08
  Malaise Non-Union - Student Project We Own Nothing Films 04/27/15
  The Wippoorwill Non-Union - Student Project Blue Cow Casting 05/15/15
  Whos your sugar daddy Non-Union - Student Project alahyla rivera 05/18/15
  Solminare Pulpitum Non-Union - Student Project Art Institute of Tampa Student Film 05/21/15
  Scandinavian Gangsters Non-Union - Student Project Lucas Schatzberg 05/20/15
  What Keep Us - Short Film For Festivals Non-Union - Short Film Franklin Fuentes 05/21/15
  Soul Descends Non-Union - Short Film Porch House Pictures 05/18/15
  Alpha Phi Non-Union - Short Film RockChalk Pictures 05/11/15
  sinfonietta Non-Union - Short Film Really!? Productions 04/16/15
  "THE BOX" SAG-AFTRA - Short Film Autonomous Artistry 05/22/15
  Breath Non-Union - Short Film Benjamin Grund 05/07/15
  Amor & Fati Non-Union - Short Film Jenna Wilcox 04/17/15
  The Division Angels Episode 2 Non-Union - Short Film Angela Corbelli 05/19/15
  Wright Non-Union - Short Film Diana Itan 05/24/15
  'INAMORATA' Non-Union - Short Film TRUE MVMNT 04/27/15
  Celia Non-Union - Short Film Diana Itan 05/24/15
  CASTING CALL: OLD BIKER for documentary about Levi’s® Non-Union - Short Film Imprint Projects 05/14/15
  PARALLELS Non-Union - Short Film Sean Anthony Trull 04/28/15
  CASTING CALL: OLDER DAD for documentary about Levi’s® Non-Union - Short Film Imprint Projects 05/14/15
  Intentions Non-Union - Short Film Yuddha Maharaj 04/23/15
  CASTING CALL: UNIQUE / UNUSUAL STREET STYLE documentary about Levi’s® Non-Union - Short Film Imprint Projects 05/14/15
  Unorthodox Non-Union - Graduate Student Thesis Martin Elicea 04/01/15
  Visions of Daniel SAG-AFTRA - Graduate Student Thesis Martin Elicea 04/01/15
  GOODBYE, YOU - USC Thesis Film SAG - Graduate Student Thesis Leopold Dewolf 05/05/15
  Baby Steps Non-Union - Graduate Student Project Amalia Ramirez Atiles 05/21/15
  Under Water SAG-AFTRA - Graduate Student Project Alexandre Wilson 05/22/15
  CASTING CALL: YOUNG PUNKS for documentary about Levi’s® Non-Union - Documentary Short Imprint Projects 05/14/15
  Hollywood Dreams Non-Union - Demo Reel Jack Warner Productions 05/14/15
  Maternity Bras Non-Union - Print Bravado Designs 05/07/15
  TFP PHOTOSHOOT Non-Union - Print London Moore Photos 05/11/15
  PRINT Non-Jurisdictional - Print Agency 1939 05/18/15
Reality TV/Game Show
  Mom Swap Non-Union - Reality TV Erin Tomasello Casting 05/11/15
  Untitled Family Game Show Non-Union - Game Show Watercooler Casting 05/20/15
  Untitled Bible Show Non-Union - Docu-Series Mustard Seed Productions 04/22/15
  The Tantric Adventure - 1 Non-Union - Docu-Series Tanrtric Adventure Productions, LLC 05/18/15
  The Oliver Duffy Show Non-Union - Student Project Columbia College Cinema Art + Science Dept. 05/06/15
  HOW TO BE SINGLE SAG-AFTRA - Feature Film Barbara McNamara Casting 04/01/15