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Now Casting Notices allow actors to submit electronically to projects created by casting directors on our web site. The notices below are all active and looking for actors.

NOTE: Now Casting Notices change daily. Many notices are up for only a day or a few hours.

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    Project Name Union - Project Type CD Mod
  Harvey SAG-AFTRA - Pilot Presentation / Spec Pilot Eddie S. Diaz 07/15/16
  The Bobby Flavanoid Show 4th Episode Non-Union - Mini-Series ICA 07/13/16
  CASSANDRA FRENCH’S FINISHING SCHOOL FOR BOYS - Remaining Roles SAG-AFTRA - Episodic Nickole Doro Casting 07/29/16
  Sex Education Web Series Non-Union - Documentary Medabela 07/27/16
  Docuseries on cable tv Non-Union - 1 Hour Episodic All3media 07/08/16
Feature Film
  CAPONE Non-Union - Feature Film Giovanni Tartaglia 06/29/16
  Protect and Serve Non-Union - Feature Film PM Shift Pictures 07/18/16
  JUMANJI SAG-AFTRA - Feature Film Mccarthy Abellera Casting 07/06/16
  THE BEAUTY OF PASSION SAG - Feature Film RGV’s Company 07/21/16
  MONICA SAG-AFTRA - Feature Film Schweber Casting 06/30/16
  THE OUTDOORSMAN - Revised Role of Young Jason SAG-AFTRA - Feature Film Scott David Casting 07/27/16
  Untitled Vermont Project Non-Union - Feature Film Dawoon Kim 07/05/16
  AMERICAN EXIT - Re-Release of POLICE OFFICER SAG-AFTRA - Feature Film Arlie Day Casting 07/29/16
  The Small Answers SAG - Feature Film The Wildstar Productions 07/04/16
  Male Dancer Non-Union - Feature Film Golden Goose Films, Inc. 07/23/16
  Bullitt County SAG-AFTRA - Feature Film Mr. Pictures 06/13/16
  Paranormal Activity Non-Union - Feature Film FanFilmsProductions 07/17/16
Commercial & Industrials
  Eskimo Non-Union - SPEC Commercial independent 07/12/16
  Corporate Training Film / Food Industry Non-Union - Industrial Eric Kallevig 07/21/16
  Protective Life - Corporate Instructional video SAG-AFTRA - Industrial Bloomgarden Films 07/28/16
  HEALTHCARE SPOTS - 2 Revised Roles Non-Union - Commercial Scott David Casting 07/28/16
Internet/Music Video/Voice Over
  Walk The Line - Web Series Non-Union - Web Series TBD PRODUCTIONS 07/16/16
  The Staying Night - web series SAG-AFTRA - Web Series Drowning Pictures 07/27/16
  You Look Familiar - 1 Non-Union - Web Series Svery Good 07/27/16
  "Unsavable" the series - one Non-Union - Web Series Embrace Casting 12/01/14
  Misguided - 6-10 SAG-AFTRA - Web Series Cosmopaulitan Entertainment 06/06/16
  Living Life Like Trina and Jason Non-Union - Web Series Lock J Casting 07/12/16
  Piloto Colombia - Pilot Non-Union - Web Series Reyes Films 07/13/16
  Family Man Non-Union - PodCast / PhoneCast EH Independent Production 06/26/16
  "Mirror of you" music video Non-Union - Music Video Emi Morell 07/22/16
  Beautiful Things Music Video Non-Union - Music Video Up All Night Productions 07/27/16
  The Inner City Ditty Show - A Talk Show Non-Union - Variety Arts Culture Entertainment (ACE), LLC 07/18/16
  WHEN IT ALL GOES DOWN Non-Union - Play Jaz'Rii Production 06/28/16
  Auditions-Professional Theatre SETC Non-Union - Play SETC 07/27/16
  Trans Scripts, Part I: The Women AEA - Play Jim Carnahan Casting 07/07/16
  Wicked Lit 2016: The Shadowy Third Non-Union - Play Unbound Productions 07/28/16
  LINDA VISTA AEA - Play Arbusto Casting 07/18/16
  Hank & Frank Non-Union - Play Ovations Entertainment Inc. 07/29/16
  Destination Wedding Non-Union - Play Jack Wernick 07/19/16
  Via Delarosa Non-Union - Play New Stage Players 06/13/16
  Lookingglass Theatre Company of Chicago - (General Casting Database - Chicago Local Talent) AEA - Play Lookingglass Theatre Company 06/21/16
  IN THE DARK THEATRICAL PRODUCTION Non-Union - Play Carolyn Jenkins Agency LLC 07/25/16
  Little Nell's - Non-Union - Play Queen Bee Productions 07/14/16
  Wicked Lit 2016: Anansi and the Demons OTHER - Play Unbound Productions 07/28/16
  ANIKO 2016 COLLECTIONS - Aniko Officials 2016 Launch Catwalk/Runway & Fashion Show Extravavaganza Non-Union - Fashion Show Aniko Official Productions 07/30/16
  Bridal Shower Non-Union - Ceremony or Other "Event" Party Creations 07/28/16
  Children's entertainers needed Non-Union - Ceremony or Other "Event" Party Creations 07/29/16
Shorts & Student Projects
  The Unimaginable Non-Union - Thesis Matthew Seidman 07/27/16
  anti smoking Non-Union - Student Project a.i 02/29/08
  Christopher "TBD" Non-Union - Student Project Michael Ren 06/28/16
  X-Rated Non-Union - Student Project Rosa Nguyen 07/28/16
  For Better or Worse Non-Union - Student Project Simply Amazing Productions 07/29/16
  Polite Expressions SAG-AFTRA - Short Film Saddle Road Productions 07/17/16
  Manhattan Noir Non-Union - Short Film Kaleidoscopic Productions N/A
  Burden of Proof Non-Union - Short Film 1995 07/25/16
  HEXENBIEST Non-Union - Short Film Box500Productions 07/05/16
  DELETE THAT POST SAG-AFTRA - Short Film Scott David Casting 07/26/16
  THEM Non-Union - Short Film ColdWinter Films 07/05/16
  "Ryan's Life" - Episode 8 - "Nicole" (Season 2) Non-Union - Short Film James Mason 07/27/16
  The Hostage Non-Union - Short Film Escape Reality Productions, Inc 07/11/16
  AURORA SAG-AFTRA - Short Film DMC Casting 07/27/16
  White Nightmare Non-Union - Short Film Ciara Casting 06/10/16
  BREATHE - Additional roles SAG-AFTRA - Short Film JAM Casting 07/29/16
  Who Was Rosanna Caligari? Non-Union - Short Film Terence Digan 07/11/16
  HOTSEAT SAG-AFTRA - Short Film Arbusto Casting 07/29/16
  I Like Home-Tink Non-Union - Music Video (Student) GoodFortune 07/26/16
  LIFE COMEDY Non-Union - Graduate Student Thesis SHAN YU KUO 06/13/16
  Sting Non-Union - Graduate Student Thesis Pudu Productions 07/25/16
  Sfortuna Non-Union - Directed Scene (Filmed) Cleon Jones 07/29/16
  MARKET WEEK - ONGOING OPPORTUNITY FOR FEMALE MODELS & ACTORS Non-Jurisdictional - Print Barbizon Agency 07/07/16
Reality TV/Game Show
  NOW CASTING: DO YOU HAVE GOALS? OTHER - Reality TV Mystic Art Pictures 07/27/16
  NOW CASTING: PEOPLE WITH GOALS Non-Union - Reality TV Mystic Art Pictures 06/10/16