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Now Casting Notices allow actors to submit electronically to projects created by casting directors on our web site. The notices below are all active and looking for actors.

NOTE: Now Casting Notices change daily. Many notices are up for only a day or a few hours.

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    Project Name Union - Project Type CD Mod
  NEW ACTORS INK VOL. 11, NUMBER 13 IS UP! Memo Now Casting Staff N/A
  YO SOY EL ARTISTA - El Artista Non-Union - Reality/Game Cinemat 04/14/14
  Rescue Rangers AFTRA - Reality/Game London/Stroud Cstg. 04/21/14
  El Border SAG - Pilot Presentation / Spec Pilot Practical Mullet Productions 03/18/14
  CLUB HARLEM - [SEEKING TWINS! Please read and share!] Non-Union - Pilot Presentation / Spec Pilot Twiintone Casting 03/24/14
  THE CRAZY NAVY MEN Non-Union - Pilot Presentation / Spec Pilot FUNNY LAUGHTING PRODUCTION 04/03/14
  DEALERS - 1-3 Non-Union - Pilot Presentation / Spec Pilot ABOVEALL 02/13/14
  Storm Non-Union - Pilot B4H Casting 04/14/14
  FRANKLIN & BASH, - Episode #409 "Spirits in the Material World" AFTRA - Episodic Pagano / Manwiller Casting 04/22/14
  BEING MARY JANE - Episode #210 "Primetime" SAG-AFTRA - Episodic In The Twink of an Eye 04/22/14
  YOUNG & HUNGRY - Episode #1003 "Young and Pregnant" - Los Angeles SAG-AFTRA - Episodic 04/22/14
  ESPN 30 for 30 - 30 for 30 - "Feeding the Monster" Non-Union - Documentary Texas Crew Productions 03/19/14
Feature Film
  Abandoned Dead Non-Union - Feature Film Pacific World Pictures 04/12/14
  Plains, Trains, & Automobiles (Working Title) Non-Union - Feature Film 5 Loaves Productions 03/25/14
  Floreana Non-Union - Feature Film Michael Alan Yates 04/21/14
  Jonny's Sweet Revenge SAG-AFTRA - Feature Film Agenda Pictures 04/15/14
  Miracles Non-Union - Feature Film 5 Loaves Productions 03/25/14
  Quarter Life Coach Non-Union - Feature Film Lovevolve Cinema 04/22/14
  A Song for Jordan Non-Union - Feature Film Visual Write Productions 04/15/14
  Vampires Cross - Night has Fallen Non-Union - Feature Film Dime Novel Films 03/25/14
  Untitled Miguel Luna Project Non-Union - Feature Film ChaozFilms Productions 03/01/14
  The Soggy Weasel Non-Union - Feature Film Soggy Weasel, LLC 04/20/14
  10:10 Los Angeles Non-Union - Feature Film Food Stamp Films 03/28/14
  The Small Answers SAG-AFTRA - Feature Film The Wildstar Productions 03/15/14
  SPELLBIND Non-Union - Feature Film Picayune Productions 04/20/14
  YOU'RE LOST, FRANCES Non-Union - Feature Film Kerry Barker 04/01/14
  BURNSIDE RELOADED - search for the spirit the Bum Non-Union - Feature Film BURNSIDE BLACKHAWKS 03/23/14
  New Feature Film Based on Bullying OTHER - Feature Film Seaside Bayside Artz Theatre/Productions 04/21/14
  Voiceless - Pro-Life/Christian Film Non-Union - Feature Film American Hero Films 04/08/14
  Untitled "Single Adults" Dramedy Non-Union - Feature Film 5 Loaves Productions 03/26/14
  I Had Fun Non-Union - Feature Film Visual Element Media 04/21/14
Commercial & Industrials
  Gendercide PSA Non-Jurisdictional - PSA Bloom Box Entertainment 04/21/14
  Remesol Testimonial Non-Union - Infomercial M2G Media 04/22/14
  Neptune - Digital Non-Union - Industrial Ylzy Guerra 04/20/14
  Auto Dealership TV Commercials - ongoing Non-Union - Commercial S. Lombardi & Associates 03/27/14
  Sciatica Pain Testimonials Non-Union - Commercial Concepts TV 04/10/14
  Real People for Laundry product Commercial Non-Union - Commercial Public Record 04/23/14
  On Guard Apparel Trade Show Spot Non-Union - Commercial Amwear International 04/23/14
  HowNow Commercial Non-Union - Commercial Aqueous Entertainment 04/01/14
Internet/Music Video/Voice Over
  Untiltiled Teen Sitcom Non-Union - Web Series Deckonti Tiah 03/13/14
  The Neighbourhood - Web Series Non-Union - Web Series Kevin Serrano 04/21/14
  Last Man On Earth SAG-AFTRA - Web Series Robin Martell 04/21/14
  5 Minutes of Funny Non-Union - Web Series StayNMotion 04/22/14
  Marcus Non-Union - Voice Over WonderGrove Kids 04/08/14
  Top Shelf (One Flew) Non-Union - Music Video Top Shelf Productions 04/19/14
  Lying to Myself Non-Union - Music Video Randy Nkonoki 04/19/14
  CANNING Music Video Non-Union - Music Video Briana Frapart 04/14/14
  Auditioning Dancers for National Recording Artist Non-Union - Live Broadcast Nicole Wiggins, Casting Desmond Walker-Choreographer 04/13/14
  Female Headshave photography Non-Union - Internet Janet Cuozo 04/01/14
  Tinsel Town Non-Union - Internet Golden Goose Films, Inc. 04/08/14
  Film Fest Promo Non-Union - Internet Mambo Entertainment 04/23/14
  J. Lohr Web Spots Non-Union - Commercial (Internet) Juice Media 04/19/14
  Gospel Stage Play Non-Union - Touring Show The Atonement of Christ Ministries 04/01/14
  Prophet-The Story of Nat Turner Non-Union - Staged Reading Simply Everything International Art Form, LLC. 04/07/14
  Chipped White Paint Non-Union - Staged or Table Reading Buckner Holiday Productions 04/23/14
  Lookingglass Theatre Company of Chicago - (General Casting Database - Chicago Local Talent) AEA - Play Lookingglass Theatre Company 03/04/14
  Tricks Non-Union - Play Embarc Productions 04/15/14
  Dislocations; the play Non-Union - Play Thespis Festival 03/25/14
  Encounters - a theatre dance exploration Non-Union - Play Tatiana Pandiani 04/16/14
  Red Snow Non-Union - Play Rose Petal Productions 03/29/14
  THE HUMAN SPIRIT AEA - Play Raul Clayton Staggs 04/18/14
  Where is the Love? Non-Union - Play Angels in Disguise Productions LLC 04/14/14
  Finding My Identity Non-Union - Play Angels in Disguise Productions LLC 04/14/14
  Chekhov Shorts: The Bear, The Proposal, and The Bet Non-Union - Play Long Beach Playouse 04/15/14
  God's Gypsy - Saint Teresa of Avila Non-Union - Play God's Gypsy Productions LLC 04/15/14
  Camouflage and Rainbows Non-Union - Musical Act or Band Onit Style Productions 04/11/14
  Jay Pugh - Run DMC Productions - Seeking new Singers Non-Union - Musical Act or Band RK RECORDS/RUN DMC PRODUCTIONS 04/01/14
  It Happened in Roswell AEA - Musical It Happened in Roswell 04/22/14
  Reefer Madness, the Musical Non-Union - Musical Double Dog Theatre 04/21/14
  12th Annual Los Angeles Improv Comedy Festival Non-Union - Improv or Sketch Comedy iO West 03/28/14
  The Fashion Club Presentation Non-Union - Fashion Show The Fashion Club 04/15/14
  Company Member Auditions Non-Union - Company Membership Red Brick Road Theatre Company 04/22/14
  YRN Book Launch - Live Event Non-Union - Ceremony or Other "Event" API 03/27/14
  Comic Con Promotion Non-Union - Ceremony or Other "Event" Red Dot Casting 04/10/14
Shorts & Student Projects
  Aero Non-Union - Thesis Desertski Films 04/07/14
  FATHER SAG-AFTRA - Thesis Sanford Casting 04/23/14
  Bacardi Spec Commercial Non-Union - Student Project New York Film Academy 04/17/14
  MUÑECAS Non-Union - Student Project Waterman Productions 03/24/14
  Mother's Day Non-Union - Student Project Edgar De La Cruz 04/23/14
  Unordinary Passion Non-Union - Student Project Hollywood High School New Media Academy 04/22/14
  Groundhog Day - scene Non-Union - Student Project Steven Chou and DaVaughn Potts 04/05/14
  The Incident Non-Union - Student Project Hollywood High School New Media Academy 04/21/14
  Scene from My Week with Marylin Non-Union - Student Project Carla Mancini 04/07/14
  Is it Worth it? Non-Union - Student Project Hollywood High School New Media Academy 04/21/14
  Think twice Non-Union - Student Project NYFA 04/12/14
  Scene from The Big Bang Theory Non-Union - Student Project CSULA 04/22/14
  "The Social Network" Opening Scene Reenactment - Television Production Class Project Non-Union - Student Project Pasadena City College 04/14/14
  anti smoking Non-Union - Student Project a.i 02/29/08
  Untitled Tanner Scoffield Project Non-Union - Student Project Tanner Scoffield 04/21/14
  Money Kills Non-Union - Student Project EMF326 04/14/14
  Feast Non-Union - Student Project Feast Movie Casting 03/13/14
  I got flowers today Non-Union - Student Project Naomi Hernandez 04/22/14
  Potion Non-Union - Short Film Joe Balewski 04/07/14
  Wonder Buffalo Non-Union - Short Film Adrienna Tataryan Casting 04/22/14
  Crafty Intent Non-Union - Short Film NotbySyt 03/30/14
  Aghape SAG-AFTRA - Short Film RC Pictures 04/17/14
  Watch This SAG-AFTRA - Short Film Jen Winstead Casting 04/09/14
  DOG Non-Union - Short Film Click Click Boom Media 04/22/14
  A Grain of Sand Non-Union - Short Film Underhill Productions 04/03/14
  Violation Non-Union - Short Film Talented Castings 04/21/14
  The Fortune Teller Non-Union - Short Film Saul Weiss Agency 03/10/14
  Cold as Ice - Based on novel by Anne Stuart Non-Union - Short Film Bree 04/13/14
  Who is Slim!? Non-Union - Short Film Sky Ops Entertainment ( 04/23/14
  Rocket in My Pocket SAG-AFTRA - Short Film Unconscious Genius Productions 04/05/14
  Experimental VHS Short - "Stop" Non-Union - Short Film Lydia Farrah 04/19/14
  By Chance Non-Union - Short Film Rowan Cinema Workshop 03/14/14
  Being Schneets Non-Union - Short Film Aravaipa Films 04/14/14
  Hunger Non-Union - Short Film Brennan/Mazzoni Productions 04/23/14
  Violation Non-Union - Short Film JAB New York 04/04/14
  TransMe/She Non-Union - Short Film Canned Pizza 04/21/14
  Diana Non-Union - Short Film DCI Films 03/24/14
  No, thank you. Non-Union - Short Film Antbear Productions 04/15/14
  Reckless Abandon Non-Union - Short Film Sub Conscious films 04/23/14
  Red Weather Non-Union - Short Film Jordan Downey 04/04/14
  Abandoning Jane Non-Union - Short Film Aoun Noor/Phil Pizza 04/21/14
  what would you do Non-Union - Short Film lzh casting 03/23/14
  Dancer Non-Union - Short Film Anqi Li 04/17/14
  Three Dialogues Non-Union - Short Film MOTHER 04/05/14
  Reflections Non-Union - Short Film OmniSol 04/22/14
  How I Lost My Best Friends Non-Union - Short Film Natalie Schwan 04/07/14
  Both Sides Now SAG - Short Film Celine Geiger 04/16/14
  'Oblivious' - Festival bound film shot on the RED Non-Union - Pilot Presentation / Spec Pilot Sasaki Studios 02/25/14
  Navigators Non-Union - Graduate Student Thesis Walker 04/03/14
  Unemployed Graduate Non-Union - Graduate Student Thesis Jamal Fortune 04/11/14
  When Negatives Collide SAG - Graduate Student Thesis Maral Servat 04/18/14
  Behing The Curtain Non-Union - Graduate Student Thesis KPavlin 04/19/14
  Rem Non-Union - Graduate Student Project Eeshaan Roy 04/08/14
  Unemployed Graduate Non-Union - Graduate Student Project Jamal Fortune 04/11/14
  Milla's In Trouble SAG-AFTRA - Graduate Student Project New York Film Academy 04/13/14
  Lola Non-Union - Graduate Student Project Elenskaya 04/22/14
  MEMOIR OF AN HONEST VOICE Non-Union - Graduate Student Project Aloaye Melvin Omoake 04/22/14
  Settling SAG-AFTRA - Graduate Student Project Ceremony Films 03/28/14
  Friends: The One With Rachel's Other Sister - Student Project Non-Union - Director's Reel Jennifer Ortega 04/20/14
  Butter me Up Non-Union - Directed Scene (Filmed) Sols 04/18/14
  Medical MMJ Documentary and coordinating events Non-Union - Print KalfasTalent 03/26/14
  Naked Wardrobe- Clothing Line Non-Jurisdictional - Print Renee Garcia Casting 04/12/14
Reality TV/Game Show
  Sex Therapy Show - Seeking Host Non-Union - Talk Show Long Pond Media 04/22/14
  Now Casting First Dates! - Looking for Singles of all ages 21 and older who want to go on a First Date. Non-Union - Reality TV McNulty Casting 04/07/14
  Cake Boss Look Alike Casting Non-Union - Reality TV Watercooler Casting 04/23/14
  Summertime Share Non-Union - Reality TV VPEtalent 04/09/14
  Couples Dream Non-Union - Reality TV T Group Productions 04/16/14
  Untitled Life Makeover Show! Non-Union - Reality TV LightHearted Entertainment 04/16/14
  Now Casting 4 Sisters! Non-Union - Reality TV Magilla 03/01/14
  Former Friends Non-Union - Reality TV Stonehall Casting 04/18/14
  Untitled Crazy Legs Production Non-Union - Reality TV Crazy Legs Productions 03/13/14
  MTV's Are You The One? Season 2 OTHER - Reality TV lighthearted Entertainment 03/16/14
  Mobile App Dating Reality Show Non-Union - Reality TV Brian Huffman 04/23/14
  Stripped - Digital Game Show Non-Union - Game Show The Idea Factory 03/15/14
  Pastry Chef Competition Show Non-Union - Game Show Calhoun Casting 04/17/14
  Social media game show (Television) Non-Union - Game Show Becauseisaid Entertainment, LLC 04/22/14
  Parents Keeping Secrets from their Kids Non-Union - Docu-Series TIKI Casting 04/23/14
  Casting First Time Expectant Parents Non-Union - Docu-Series Magilla Entertainment 03/18/14
  Elbow Non-Union - Docu-Series Authentic Entertainment 03/26/14
  Family Search Non-Union - Docu-Series Firecrackerfilms 04/09/14
  Lyin' Spies MUSIC VIDEO Non-Union - Music Video SR Productions 04/02/14
  Everyday "Happy" dancers needed!!!!! Non-Union - Music Video J Coleman 04/22/14
  Champion Non-Union - Grad Student Thesis California State University - Northridge 04/05/14
  Day out of Days Non-Union - Feature Film Day out of Days 04/03/14