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Now Casting Notices allow actors to submit electronically to projects created by casting directors on our web site. The notices below are all active and looking for actors.

NOTE: Now Casting Notices change daily. Many notices are up for only a day or a few hours.

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    Project Name Union - Project Type CD Mod
  Tyler Perry Studios - Generals - Caucasian OTHER - Special Tyler Perry Studios 07/13/15
  Tyler Perry Studios - Generals - Asian OTHER - Special Tyler Perry Studios 07/13/15
  Tyler Perry Studios - Generals - African American OTHER - Special Tyler Perry Studios 07/13/15
  Tyler Perry Studios - Generals - Latin/Hispanic OTHER - Special Tyler Perry Studios 07/13/15
  Entertainment News Non-Union - Special FJ Productions 08/13/15
  Untitled AMPLE crime recreation Non-Union - Pilot Presentation / Spec Pilot AMPLE 08/26/15
  The Biggest Laugh Non-Union - Pilot The Biggest Laugh Casting 08/07/15
  Untitled Webisode Project Non-Union - Mini-Series Vensin Gray 07/30/15
  CRIMINAL MINDS: BEYOND BORDERS - Episode #105 "The Ballad of Nick & Kat" SAG-AFTRA - Episodic Scott David Casting 08/27/15
  Trump Tight Non-Union - Episodic HD Enterprises 08/06/15
  OUTLANDER - Role of Brianna - National Search UNION - Episodic Paul Weber Cstg. 08/25/15
  Gizmonicon Non-Union - 1/2 Hour Sitcom Robot Monkey Studios 08/03/15
Feature Film
  Gold County Non-Union - Feature Film Gold County LLC 07/24/15
  SOVEREIGN - Indie Horror Film Non-Union - Feature Film Cloud Gate Productions 08/17/15
  16 MM Non-Union - Feature Film Scott Engelauf 08/08/15
  Among Thieves SAG-AFTRA - Feature Film Among Thieves, LLC 08/24/15
  WATCHING Non-Union - Feature Film DX3 Pictures 08/11/15
  The Mistress - From mistress to Mrs. Non-Union - Feature Film Rowe & Stanley Productions 08/23/15
  SUMMERTIME ON GULF LAKE - Original and True Story--Screenplay SAG-AFTRA - Feature Film Willow Tree Entertainment LLC 07/28/15
  Psycho Sisters Sequel Project: THE SICOLE PATH Non-Union - Feature Film THR PRO 08/26/15
  Jen 2.0 - Short Film Non-Union - Feature Film Lights Owt Productions 08/23/15
  Bloodsucka Jones vs. The Creeping Death Non-Union - Feature Film The Nitwit Consortium 08/16/15
  Downward Non-Union - Feature Film Indemnity Films 07/23/15
  Bullitt County SAG-AFTRA - Feature Film MR. PICTURES 08/18/15
  The Small Answers SAG - Feature Film The Wildstar Productions 08/23/15
  The Devil Frame Non-Union - Feature Film RES Digital Media Studio 08/01/15
Commercial & Industrials
  Promo Video - Complete Burn Fitness (Program Trial) - N/A - 8 Week Program (4 days a week) Non-Union - Promo Complete Burn Fitness, Inc. 08/12/15
  The URB-E Experience Non-Union - Internet Commercial Justin Bell Productions 08/24/15
  Commercial - Internet Spot - :30 second spot - (Well known brand) Non-Union - Internet Commercial Alina Marini 08/21/15
  Cate's Intervention - Crisis Intervention and Prevention Non-Union - Industrial Jake Roe Education 08/07/15
  Cosmetic Center Commercial - Cable Commercial Non-Union - Commercial Dynamic Films 08/26/15
  Full Circle / Creo Kitchenware Commercial Non-Union - Commercial Rascal Filmworks 08/04/15
  Github Universe Non-Union - Commercial Ally Toft Casting 08/17/15
  ERTIGA TVC Non-Union - Commercial Arjun Chudasama 08/27/15
Internet/Music Video/Voice Over
  Fang Wars Non-Union - Web Series Zoe Grant 08/25/15
  Its Showtime Folks - Web Series - Inspired by Mr Show with Bob & David but with elements of The Ben Stiller Show, Monty Python and Saturday Night Live Non-Union - Web Series Screen Genie Productions 08/17/15
  FALL INTO ME: The Rookie - Re-release of MAMA SAG-AFTRA - Web Series Mormon/Boling Casting 08/25/15
  "Unsavable" the series - one Non-Union - Web Series Embrace Casting 12/01/14
  MAKEUP CALL Non-Union - Web Series Collective Digital Studio 08/24/15
  HAPPY SOCKS Non-Union - Web Feature Zora DeHorter Cstg. 08/26/15
  Vile SAG-AFTRA - Voice Over Nick Cammilleri 07/23/15
  Great Adventures in Hoptown Non-Union - Voice Over Crazatic Entertainment 07/16/15
  Remain Calm SAG - New Media Light Hammer Productions 08/25/15
  2 Kawaii 4 Comfort Non-Union - New Media 2 Kawaii 4 Comfort 08/05/15
  Perhaps, Non-Union - Music Video Diana Itan 08/20/15
  "OBJ.XYXX//BROKEN" Music Video Non-Union - Music Video Samantha Holden Casting 08/17/15
  Talk To Me Non-Union - Music Video Mathematics 08/16/15
  Royal Jelly Non-Union - Internet Kornhaber Brown 08/24/15
  Black Sabbath Promo Spot Non-Union - Commercial (Internet) Southward Films 08/27/15
  Children's Entertainment Non-Jurisdictional - Variety Party Creations 08/26/15
  Now Hiring for Ghost Town Haunt Non-Union - Theme Park Scream Team Productions 08/25/15
  House of Torment Haunted House - Open Auditions Non-Union - Theme Park 13th Floor Entertainment Group 08/05/15
  SeaWorld Holiday Entertainers Non-Union - Theme Park Creative Element Group 08/19/15
  AMAZING SINGERS 18-28 yrs NATIONWIDE OTHER - Showcase / Competition Tami 07/27/15
  The Groom Non-Union - Play Intercession Productions 08/13/15
  Lookingglass Theatre Company of Chicago - (General Casting Database - Chicago Local Talent) AEA - Play Lookingglass Theatre Company 07/24/15
  Horror in Free Love Valley Non-Union - Play Brinton Lodge Communitity Theater 08/23/15
  Burning Bridges Non-Union - Play Breaking Grounds 07/22/15
  A Midsummer Night's Dream Non-Union - Play From the Top! Productions 08/12/15
  Miravel - Miravel AEA - Musical Sacred Fools Theater Company 08/21/15
  A Christmas Carol Non-Union - Musical Orama Theatrical Enterprises 08/07/15
  Alice in Wonderland Meet and Greet Event Non-Jurisdictional - Ceremony or Other "Event" Party Creations 08/26/15
Shorts & Student Projects
  For Old Time's Sake SAG-AFTRA - Undergraduate Thesis Samantha Harmon-Bergeron 08/05/15
  Hurt OTHER - Thesis Laced Up Productions 08/21/15
  Dive In Non-Union - Student Project Natalia Costa 08/20/15
  forever and ever SAG - Student Project Forever and Ever Film 07/28/15
  The Birth of Venus Non-Union - Student Project Vancouver Film School 08/22/15
  Molt - Untitled Non-Union - Student Project Sandra Nieves 08/19/15
  Koreatown Non-Union - Student Project Kimberly Marcela 08/21/15
  anti smoking Non-Union - Student Project a.i 02/29/08
  Malaise Non-Union - Student Project We Own Nothing Films 07/26/15
  The Devil's Brandy Non-Union - Student Project Bryant Griffin 08/23/15
  Henrietta SAG-AFTRA - Short Film Filmatics 08/21/15
  Relative Art Non-Union - Short Film Sterile City Productions 08/22/15
  Ryan's Life - Episode 3 - "Ryan's Sister" Non-Union - Short Film James Mason 08/27/15
  The Enlightenment of Zora OTHER - Short Film Cinema 95 07/27/15
  Dread Non-Union - Short Film Shadow Kamera Films 08/14/15
  The Interrogation SAG-AFTRA - Short Film Matt Wallace 08/26/15
  CAPONE: The untold true story Non-Union - Short Film Giovanni Tartaglia 08/27/15
  "We the Freaks" Non-Union - Short Film Beasley Films 08/19/15
  Possession Non-Union - Short Film Pixel Pictures 08/24/15
  Manhattan Noir Non-Union - Short Film Kaleidoscopic Productions N/A
  Clarity - Short Film Non-Union - Short Film WaterTower Films 07/30/15
  HOURGLASS Non-Union - Short Film Spiral Pictures 08/18/15
  REAL LOVE - FILM Non-Union - Graduate Student Thesis Coolboy Production Films 08/26/15
  Devotion Non-Union - Graduate Student Thesis Mengfang Yang 08/25/15
  Faceless, but Remembered SAG-AFTRA - Graduate Student Thesis Shelby Baldock Productions 08/14/15
  WWI Art Photo Project - two art photo series Non-Union - Print studio|ménage 08/21/15
  Photo Shoot Non-Union - Print Spectrum Spirits 07/30/15
  Phantasy Model Non-Union - Print ElfStudios 08/24/15
  DVD cover art - Pilot Credit Only pitch video Non-Union - Print Sideshow Pictures 08/24/15
Reality TV/Game Show
  Dance Moms Non-Union - Reality TV Mystic Art Pictures 07/27/15
  Wedding Objections Non-Union - Reality TV Confidential 08/25/15