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Now Casting Notices allow actors to submit electronically to projects created by casting directors on our web site. The notices below are all active and looking for actors.

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    Project Name Union - Project Type CD Mod
  ROOM 104 - Episode #112 "The Fight" - Additional roles SAG-AFTRA - Episodic Arbusto Casting 10/26/16
  REBEL - Episode #104 "Accidents Don't Just Happen" SAG-AFTRA - Episodic Kimberly Hardin Cstg. 10/24/16
  Evil Stepmothers 2 -204 - 204 Non-Union - Docudrama Stephen Guidry 10/17/16
Feature Film
  ON THE GREEN - TEASER Non-Union - Trailer Ujima Film Project LLC 10/26/16
  LABYRINTH - Role of ERROLYN ROMERO SAG-AFTRA - Feature Film Lauren Grey Casting 10/25/16
  It Hits You When You Know It Non-Union - Feature Film Siba Media 10/21/16
  The Justice and Bastards OTHER - Feature Film Indovidual 10/20/16
  Cheaper 2 Keep Her Non-Union - Feature Film Marvin Hayes 10/20/16
  Santacon Men OTHER - Feature Film Slapstick Films 10/19/16
  Ernie & Cerbie Non-Union - Feature Film Renee Williams 10/12/16
  The Yellow Birds SAG-AFTRA - Feature Film Briana Frapart Casting 10/11/16
  The Extinction Non-Union - Feature Film StreLArt 10/07/16
  Relationship With Grannie - Family Movie Non-Union - Feature Film DoubleNW Entertainment 10/05/16
  K-Town Non-Union - Feature Film Madigan Films 10/03/16
  TCB Thunder Missions - TCB Thunder Missions Non-Union - Trailer Tcb thunder motion pictures 09/22/16
  Red Shore Non-Union - Feature Film Red Shore 09/21/16
  Down the Rabbit Hole SAG-AFTRA - Feature Film 211 Casting 09/08/16
Commercial & Industrials
  Models and Actors Needed for Mattress Commercial - Everlay Non-Union - Commercial Everlay 09/29/16
  Shoe Aid US launch commercial Non-Union - Commercial Radegal Productions 09/06/16
Internet/Music Video/Voice Over
  Haunted Christmas SAG-AFTRA - Web Series La Fond Films 10/26/16
  Untitled Girl Prank Show Non-Union - Web Series Go Away Productions 10/25/16
  ASSIFY.TECH Non-Union - Internet NEELY GURMAN 10/25/16
  NOBODY'S HOME SAG-AFTRA - Web Feature Foley/Marra Casting 10/25/16
  Scarecrow Non-Union - Web Series Scary Pillow 10/24/16
  LightWorkers.com Non-Union - Internet LightWorkers Media 10/21/16
  President Obama Voice Double Non-Union - PodCast / PhoneCast Medical Office (PRIVATE) 10/11/16
  "Unsavable" the series - one Non-Union - Web Series Embrace Casting 12/01/14
  Con Te Partiro (Time to Say Goodbye) - The 21st Century Good Shepherd Non-Union - Staged or Table Reading Richard Buckner 10/24/16
  Lookingglass Theatre Company of Chicago - (General Casting Database - Chicago Local Talent) AEA - Play Lookingglass Theatre Company 10/07/16
  Sacred City Alive Non-Union - Play The St. Genesius Society of St. Malachy’s-The Actors’ Chapel 10/04/16
Shorts & Student Projects
  I WANT TO KNOW SAG-AFTRA - Short Film Yesi Ramirez casting 10/26/16
  Sankofa City Non-Union - Graduate Student Project University of Southern California (USC) 10/26/16
  Devious Connection Non-Union - Student Project New York Film Academy 10/26/16
  The Smear Campaign Non-Union - Thesis Mark Himler Productions 10/25/16
  Penitentiary Chances Non-Union - Short Film Reel of Fortune 10/25/16
  THE REIGN SAG - Short Film Will Goldstein 10/25/16
  Assassin Non-Union - Student Project Maria Ezobi 10/24/16
  The Girl You Thought You Knew Non-Union - Thesis Odd Man Out Cinema 10/24/16
  Last Words Non-Union - Short Film Last Words 10/24/16
  Ponce De' Leon Non-Union - Short Film Route 2 Films 10/23/16
  Down The Rabbit Hole Non-Union - Short Film DeepCea Entertainment 10/23/16
  "Ryan's Life" - Episode 9 - "The Tutor" (Season 2) Non-Union - Short Film James Mason 10/23/16
  Life Therapy SAG - Graduate Student Project Ce Liang 10/22/16
  SANVEAN Non-Union - Short Film Play Four Films 10/20/16
  Stuck In the 80's Non-Union - Student Project Independent 10/18/16
  Sau Rieng Non-Union - Student Project Sau Rieng 10/15/16
  Khouya Non-Union - Student Project Myriam Kamel 10/14/16
  Friends to the End SAG-AFTRA - Short Film Monolopolus Productions 10/12/16
  Actor needed for voice over - Untitled Non-Union - Short Film AstralApe 10/12/16
  Sprawl Non-Union - Short Film Midnight Sun 10/10/16
  The Con - A short pilot presentation. Non-Union - Graduate Student Thesis Miss Cinematic 10/08/16
  Untitled Proof of Concept SAG-AFTRA - Short Film Jiang Hu Cinema 10/05/16
  Mood Reel Non-Union - Short Film Modern Mythos Media 10/04/16
  Command-Option-Esc-Self Non-Union - Student Project Farhat Rahman 10/02/16
  Good Kidd (Short Film/paid) SAG-AFTRA - Short Film Leslie Brown 09/27/16
  Like Mother Like Daughter Non-Union - Student Project Victoria Brown 09/26/16
  Big Daddy: Ridin' Dirty Season 3 Non-Union - Short Film AZ00 Productions 09/01/16
  anti smoking Non-Union - Student Project a.i 02/29/08
  Manhattan Noir Non-Union - Short Film Kaleidoscopic Productions N/A
  Levi's Vintage Clothing photo shoot Non-Union - Print Immo Klink Studio 10/25/16