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Now Casting Notices allow actors to submit electronically to projects created by casting directors on our web site. The notices below are all active and looking for actors.

NOTE: Now Casting Notices change daily. Many notices are up for only a day or a few hours.

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    Project Name Union - Project Type CD Mod
  MASTERS OF SEX SAG-AFTRA - 1 Hour Episodic JAM Casting 07/29/15
  SECRETS & LIES - Episode #201 "The Fall" SAG-AFTRA - Episodic Creative Casting 07/28/15
  MODERN FAMILY - Episode #702 AFTRA - Episodic Jeff Greenberg Cstg. 07/28/15
  MODERN FAMILY - Episode #701 AFTRA - Episodic Jeff Greenberg Cstg. 07/27/15
  PEOPLE ARE TALKING SAG-AFTRA - Pilot Jill Anthony Thomas Casting 07/27/15
  CRIMINAL MINDS - Episode # 1104 SAG-AFTRA - Episodic Scott David Casting 07/27/15
  Trump Tight Non-Union - Episodic HD Enterprises 07/24/15
  Speed- The Untold Story of NASCAR Non-Union - Docudrama Barbara McNamara Casting 07/20/15
  Kill Until Killed SAG - Pilot Presentation / Spec Pilot Prime casting 07/13/15
  Candy Rain - TV/WEB SERIES EPISODE 1 Non-Union - 1 Hour Episodic Hoopshots tv 07/13/15
  Tyler Perry Studios - Generals - Asian OTHER - Special Tyler Perry Studios 07/13/15
  Tyler Perry Studios - Generals - Caucasian OTHER - Special Tyler Perry Studios 07/13/15
  Tyler Perry Studios - Generals - Latin/Hispanic OTHER - Special Tyler Perry Studios 07/13/15
  Tyler Perry Studios - Generals - African American OTHER - Special Tyler Perry Studios 07/13/15
  “Untitled Poetry TV Series” Non-Union - Pilot Rogmar Media Group 06/09/15
Feature Film
  MOONLIGHT SAG-AFTRA - Feature Film Yesi Ramirez casting 07/29/15
  She Smiles I Laugh Movie Non-Union - Feature Film Ovadeya Pictures 07/28/15
  SUMMERTIME ON GULF LAKE - Original and True Story--Screenplay SAG-AFTRA - Feature Film Willow Tree Entertainment LLC 07/28/15
  My Creation My Beloved SAG-AFTRA - Feature Film Pega Productions 07/27/15
  Laugh It Up Non-Union - Feature Film Dorani Productions 07/27/15
  Gold County Non-Union - Feature Film Gold County LLC 07/24/15
  Downward Non-Union - Feature Film Indemnity Films 07/23/15
  NESTING DOLL SAG-AFTRA - Feature Film Zuckerman Cstg. 07/23/15
  Little Notes To Heaven Non-Union - Feature Film Ancient Day Studios 07/23/15
  GOOD AFTER BAD SAG-AFTRA - Feature Film Michael Testa Casting 07/20/15
  The Mistress - From mistress to Mrs. Non-Union - Feature Film Rowe & Stanley Productions 07/20/15
  Therapy SAG-AFTRA - Feature Film 24k Black FIlms 07/19/15
  The Small Answers SAG - Feature Film The Wildstar Productions 07/17/15
  Fortune Defies Death Non-Union - Feature Film Surround Idea Inc. 07/07/15
  Techno Western Non-Union - Feature Film WartNey Pictures, LLC 07/06/15
  A Hustler's Nightmare Non-Union - Feature Film YoungnBrilliant Productions 06/15/15
Commercial & Industrials
  Phillip Capital Non-Union - Internet Commercial Invisible Man Pictures 07/28/15
  Korean Culture Non-Jurisdictional - Promo Holly Sherman 07/27/15
  Nash Dealership Commercial Non-Union - Commercial ShootFirst Pictures 07/23/15
  CK Jeans Spec Commercial - Director's Reel Non-Union - SPEC Commercial Polarizer Films 07/22/15
Internet/Music Video/Voice Over
  FALL INTO ME: Measurements - Re-Release of Carmen SAG-AFTRA - Web Series Mormon/Boling Casting 07/28/15
  For the Kids - Hip Hop single from "A South Bronx Tale, LP" Non-Union - Music Video Love Living™ Entertainment 07/27/15
  Selfless - Music Video Non-Union - Music Video Universal Dispersal 07/27/15
  Vile SAG-AFTRA - Voice Over Nick Cammilleri 07/23/15
  Inside The Extras Studio - 1-10 SAG-AFTRA - Web Series Pilgrim Studios/Mildly Fearsome Films 07/20/15
  Great Adventures in Hoptown Non-Union - Voice Over Crazatic Entertainment 07/16/15
  Kids Sports News Network Non-Union - Internet KSNN 07/14/15
  The Center Non-Union - Web Series RowdyGunnshy Productions 07/09/15
  College - Trailer Non-Union - Web Series SLE Entertainment 07/08/15
  Music/News original web series Non-Union - Web Series Studio Nation 06/12/15
  Casting Call for Maatermakers Non-Union - Web Feature MaaterMakers 06/09/15
  "Unsavable" the series - one Non-Union - Web Series Embrace Casting 12/01/14
  Sane Asylum "Is This Happening?" Comedy Show Non-Union - Variety Sane Asylum Comedy Show 07/29/15
  AMAZING SINGERS 18-28 yrs NATIONWIDE OTHER - Showcase / Competition Tami 07/27/15
  Lookingglass Theatre Company of Chicago - (General Casting Database - Chicago Local Talent) AEA - Play Lookingglass Theatre Company 07/24/15
  The Hot L Baltimore Non-Union - Play Long Beach Playouse 07/22/15
  Burning Bridges Non-Union - Play Breaking Grounds 07/22/15
  Original Living History Stage Productions Non-Union - Play St. George Living History Productions 07/22/15
  Creating Smiles Non-Union - Company Membership Compassionate Clown Company 07/22/15
  The Call Center Non-Union - Musical Spring Forth Productions 07/22/15
  Hedda Gabler Non-Union - Play Sophia Soladay 07/21/15
  A PLAY " A FAMILY THAT PRAYS TOGETHER STAYS TOGETHER" OTHER - Play Esther Morgan Productions 07/01/15
Shorts & Student Projects
  SLAM! SAG-AFTRA - Short Film General Malaise Productions 07/29/15
  The Jump Non-Union - Graduate Student Project Cal-State University, Northridge Student Project 07/28/15
  forever and ever SAG - Student Project Forever and Ever Film 07/28/15
  Bologna Non-Union - Student Project Kate Berezhnova 07/27/15
  ForMe/ForYou Non-Union - Short Film Jermaine Carson Productions 07/27/15
  Touring Non-Union - Student Project April Caputi 07/27/15
  The Enlightenment of Zora OTHER - Short Film Cinema 95 07/27/15
  A Doll's Eyes - Additional Roles - 1. San Diego area 2. Ventura County area Non-Union - Short Film Vago Casting 07/26/15
  Malaise Non-Union - Student Project We Own Nothing Films 07/26/15
  Trash Non-Union - Pilot Presentation / Spec Pilot Molly Irwin 07/25/15
  The Division: Angels - Episode 2: The Boys from Zamboni Non-Union - Short Film Jorge Adam Cervantes 07/25/15
  Kaifiyat (Return) - 5 minute short for UCLA. Non-Union - Graduate Student Project Aditya Basu 07/23/15
  WELL-DONE Non-Union - Graduate Student Project Gabriela Mariscal 07/23/15
  String Theory OTHER - Student Project Syracuse University 07/22/15
  Hell's Kitchen SAG - Graduate Student Thesis New York Film Academy, Los Angeles 07/17/15
  Obara Non-Union - Graduate Student Thesis Edmund Ikenna Okah 07/15/15
  The Hungry Dark Non-Union - Pilot Presentation / Spec Pilot MY Entertainment 07/14/15
  NO EVIL Non-Union - Short Film Evolving Collective 07/14/15
  AU PAIR SAG - Short Film JJ Casting 07/14/15
  "Cancer" Non-Union - Short Film A Twyla G. Productions 07/13/15
  48 Hour Film Festival - Transplant Pictures OTHER - Short Film Liza Cosier 07/13/15
  Wednesday Non-Union - Short Film Wednesday 07/02/15
  Funny Man Non-Union - Short Film ARK Productions LLC 06/24/15
  Till Life Do Us Part - Teaser for Feature Film Fundraising Non-Union - Short Film Christian Hartsock 06/23/15
  Murphy's Disciples - Short Film Non-Union - Graduate Student Project Art Institute of Seattle 06/04/15
  anti smoking Non-Union - Student Project a.i 02/29/08
  Manhattan Noir Non-Union - Short Film Kaleidoscopic Productions N/A
Reality TV/Game Show
  Dance Moms Non-Union - Reality TV Mystic Art Pictures 07/27/15
  "THE CHALLENGE" Non-Union - Game Show Sugarcreek Productions 07/22/15
  Untitled: Reality TV Show looking for FEMALE MODEL talents searching for jobs! Non-Union - Docu-Series MPE Studios - Casting Department 07/17/15
  The Men Of Steele Non-Union - Reality TV The Men of Steele Productions 06/30/15
  The Ultimate Relationship Test Non-Union - Reality TV Mystic Art Pictures 06/29/15
  Dream Chance Game Show Non-Union - Game Show Glassman Media 06/23/15
  Still Waiting Non-Union - Feature Film JJ Spotlight Productions 07/22/15
  Bill C Da Don "Zonin" Music Video Shoot Non-Union - Music Video Elite Branding & Media LLC 07/21/15
  The Silent Treatment - A Feature Film by Ira Sachs Non-Union - Feature Film Avy Kaufman Casting 07/02/15
  The Sex Trip Non-Union - Feature Film Orient Pictures 06/30/15