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Now Casting Notices allow actors to submit electronically to projects created by casting directors on our web site. The notices below are all active and looking for actors.

NOTE: Now Casting Notices change daily. Many notices are up for only a day or a few hours.

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    Project Name Union - Project Type CD Mod
  TEACHERS - Episodes #305 & 307 - Additional Roles SAG-AFTRA - Episodic Sherie Hernandez Casting 12/13/17
  UNTITLED YANG/HUBBARD - Role of MARK SAG-AFTRA - Episodic Jill Anthony Thomas Casting 12/13/17
  ROOM 104 - Season 2 "Josie & Me" SAG-AFTRA - Episodic Arbusto Casting 12/12/17
  ROOM 104 - Season 2 "Arnold" SAG-AFTRA - Episodic Arbusto Casting 12/11/17
  SUGARMODELS SCRIPTED SERIES Non-Union - Episodic Brian Roccio 12/11/17
  ROOM 104 - Season 2 "A Nightmare" SAG-AFTRA - Episodic Arbusto Casting 12/08/17
  UNTITLED YANG/HUBBARD - 2 Roles SAG-AFTRA - Episodic Jill Anthony Thomas Casting 12/08/17
  The Culture Club - Recurring Non-Union - News / Magazine The Henley Company 12/05/17
Feature Film
  FEAST OF SEVEN FISHES - ACTOR SUBMISSIONS SAG-AFTRA - Feature Film Donna Belajac Casting 12/14/17
  Light Bulb Inspectors Non-Union - Feature Film Edward Parker 12/14/17
  Sprawl Non-Union - Feature Film Film Nova Onda 12/13/17
  LIFE OF LEON SAG-AFTRA - Feature Film Zora DeHorter Cstg. 12/13/17
  SMILE PRETTY FOR THE DEVIL Non-Union - Feature Film Trauma One Entertainment 12/13/17
  SURVIVE Non-Union - Feature Film Pixel Pictures 12/12/17
  The Education of a Negro Non-Union - Feature Film Harstco Moving Pictures 12/12/17
  Eye Screams Non-Union - Trailer Multiverse 12/08/17
  Big Science SAG - Feature Film The Wildstar Productions 12/05/17
  DORA THE EXPLORER SAG-AFTRA - Feature Film Monika Mikkelsen Cstg. 12/04/17
  The Diner SAG-AFTRA - Feature Film Babs Do Productions 11/30/17
  #MeToo & You (Starlet Stories) Non-Union - Documentary Feature Golden Goose Films, Inc. 11/20/17
Commercial & Industrials
  Crowdfunding Promo for Travel Bags - San Francisco Bay Area Non-Union - Promo Hoekstra Pictures, LLC 12/13/17
Internet/Music Video/Voice Over
  YouTube Maximus Non-Union - Web Series Multiverse Prods. 12/08/17
  Table Talk - 1 Non-Union - Web Series JCY Productions 11/28/17
  "Choosing Chastity" Web Series Non-Union - Web Series F.I.V.O. Entertainment & Productions 11/25/17
  "Unsavable" the series - one Non-Union - Web Series Embrace Casting 12/01/14
  Twilight Zone Show Non-Union - Play Actors Studio Theater 12/12/17
  Lookingglass Theatre Company of Chicago - (General Casting Database - Chicago Local Talent) AEA - Play Lookingglass Theatre Company 12/12/17
  Auditions-Professional Theatres across the US (SETC) Non-Union - Play SETC 12/05/17
  THE CHINESE WALL AEA - Play Lonny Chapman Group Repertory Theatre 12/04/17
  They Call It Gravy; WE Call It SAUCE! Non-Union - Musical Music Jar Productions LLC 12/01/17
  Live Weekly Improv Performance Non-Jurisdictional - Improv or Sketch Comedy LA Connection Comedy Theatre 11/28/17
  Spring Awakening the Musical Non-Union - Musical D'Astou Harmonia 11/24/17
Shorts & Student Projects
  Islands of the Mind Non-Union - Pilot Presentation / Spec Pilot Multiverse Prods. 12/12/17
  Two film noir scenes Non-Union - Directed Scene (Filmed) Chamisa 12/07/17
  Jack the Hitcher Non-Union - Student Project Qiao Zhou 12/07/17
  Sibyl Non-Union - Short Film Old Ben Productions 11/28/17
  They Came and Left - Short Film Non-Union - Short Film Franklin Fuentes 11/24/17
  Toledo Filmmaker Group - Untitled Chris Fisher Project Non-Union - Directed Scene (In-Class Only) Chris Fisher 11/04/17
  Ma SAG-AFTRA - Short Film Antonio Aguinaga 11/01/17
  anti smoking Non-Union - Student Project a.i 02/29/08
  Manhattan Noir Non-Union - Short Film Kaleidoscopic Productions N/A
Reality TV/Game Show
  Untitled Livestreaming Gameshow Non-Union - Game Show Prodege, LLC 12/13/17
  PAID FOCUS GROUPS Non-Union - Other Insight Loft 10/30/17
  PAID FOCUS GROUPS Non-Union - Other Insight Loft 10/25/17