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Now Casting Notices Give You Access!

Now Casting Notices allow actors to submit electronically to projects created by casting directors on our web site. The notices below are all active and looking for actors.

NOTE: Now Casting Notices change daily. Many notices are up for only a day or a few hours.

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    Project Name Union - Project Type CD Mod
  Clara's Hen House - TV Pilot Non-Union - Pilot Presentation / Spec Pilot DuBois 11/09/18
  " A BOY A SPY A HERO" " A True Story Of Awakening Heroism" Non-Union - 1 Hour Episodic Chosen Ones Talent 10/01/18
Feature Film
  Destined Against Odds Non-Union - Feature Film 100G_ENT, LLC 11/15/18
  Take Over Non-Union - Feature Film Cool Like Dat Studios 11/14/18
  RISING Non-Union - Feature Film B BRYANT PRODUCTIONS 11/13/18
  A Cops and Robbers Story - A Feature Documentary Non-Union - Documentary Feature Vernon Films 11/10/18
  Rock Non-Union - Feature Film Purposed Productions 11/07/18
Internet/Music Video/Voice Over
  ACLU VR Immigrant Testimonials Non-Union - New Media NotionTheory 11/13/18
  The Vervainya Project - 12 Non-Union - Web Series Somar Talent Agency 10/26/18
  Magical Abby - 001 Non-Union - Web Series Nova Onda 10/14/18
  Dement Non-Union - Video Game Paracytik Entertainment 10/10/18
  Lookingglass Theatre Company of Chicago - (General Casting Database - Chicago Local Talent) AEA - Play Lookingglass Theatre Company 11/08/18
  " The Mars Colony Killer " Theatre Play - 3 Act Theatre Play Non-Union - Play lmgltdmedia 11/01/18
Shorts & Student Projects
  Exposure Non-Union - Student Project Jesse Lee Brown 11/12/18
  MORTE Non-Union - Directed Scene (Filmed) THE LAB 11/11/18
  The Social Network Non-Union - Student Project Art Institute of California - Hollywood 11/07/18
  Afterworld Non-Union - Short Film Aberdare Productions 11/03/18
  Bubble Non-Union - Spec Commercial (Student) Kid (F)Actor 10/29/18
  Reflection - A Student Short Non-Union - Student Project Lily Barfield 10/24/18
  Swipe Away Non-Union - Short Film Ascendance Productions 10/23/18
  My Great Movie Non-Union - Student Project FuturistApe Productions 10/16/18
  In Colors Non-Union - Short Film Stephanie Willis 10/04/18
  Confrontation Non-Union - Director's Reel Brian Wiley 09/28/18
  anti smoking Non-Union - Student Project a.i 02/29/08
Reality TV/Game Show
  Celebrity Docuseries Non-Union - Docu-Series Mystic Art Pictures 11/16/18
  HOW LOW WILL YOU GO: Tailgate Non-Union - Game Show NBCU Digital Lab 11/14/18
  MEGA MINI GOLF Non-Union - Game Show Mystic Art Pictures 10/26/18
  Skinny Men 2 Non-Union - Reality TV Erin Tomasello Casting 10/25/18
  Skinny Men Non-Union - Reality TV Erin Tomasello Casting 10/24/18