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Now Casting Notices allow actors to submit electronically to projects created by casting directors on our web site. The notices below are all active and looking for actors.

NOTE: Now Casting Notices change daily. Many notices are up for only a day or a few hours.

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    Project Name Union - Project Type CD Mod
  NEW ACTORS INK VOL. 12, NUMBER 5 IS UP! Memo Now Casting Staff N/A
  Cycle Of Echo - Episode 1: Pilot Non-Union - Episodic iVision Entertainment 03/01/15
  LIFE SAG-AFTRA - Pilot JAM Casting 02/27/15
  The Four 0 Four Non-Union - Pilot Presentation / Spec Pilot AF3 Productions LLC. 02/23/15
  CHOiCES Non-Union - Pilot SoJe Productions 02/14/15
  NOW CASTING "UNTITLED PARODY SEGMENT" ABC Non-Union - Reality/Game 3 Amigos Casting 02/13/15
Feature Film
  Where Rita return Non-Union - Feature Film Diamond Tower 02/27/15
  BUDDY SOLITAIRE - Additional Roles SAG-AFTRA - Feature Film DMC Casting 02/25/15
  Black-Book Non-Union - Feature Film Art Box 02/24/15
  Dinosaurs A.D. Non-Union - Feature Film Sterile City Productions 02/19/15
  My First Christmas Non-Union - Feature Film My Last Christmas The Movie, LLC 02/19/15
  Slaughter on Sorority Row Non-Union - Feature Film Yinzer Enterprises 02/17/15
  Unlucy Non-Union - Feature Film Kent State University Indepedent Films 02/12/15
  LAST STAND OF THE ZOMBIES Non-Union - Feature Film Janice Kramer 02/11/15
  The Showcase SAG - Feature Film Bonnie Pettiford 01/29/15
  Ribbons SAG - Feature Film 2 Red Rabbit Films 01/27/15
  Radio 88 SAG-AFTRA - Feature Film B-Side Pictures 01/21/15
  Fairly Normal Activity Non-Union - Feature Film Mcube Productions 01/17/15
Commercial & Industrials
  KC Infomercial Non-Union - Infomercial LNK Innovations 02/27/15
  Spec Commercial "Brandy Meville" Non-Union - SPEC Commercial Sayamol Klunmalee 02/26/15
  Good Morning Sports - Spec Commercial Non-Union - SPEC Commercial Bobby Andrews Productions 02/20/15
  SAMSUNG COMMERCIAL - Worldwide Search - Seeking REAL Situations only! Real People or Actors with Real Situations described below! Non-Union - Commercial Toni Higginbotham Casting 01/20/15
Internet/Music Video/Voice Over
  This Can't Be Life - 1 - Web Series Non-Union - Web Series King Ish Productions 02/24/15
  SCUMBAGS - pilot Non-Union - Web Series One Stone 02/18/15
  Cool Moves Music Video Non-Union - Music Video 16 Things Kids Can Do 02/17/15
  BRUCE Female Roles Needed - BRUCE - Project: Audio Drama Location: Nationwide. Looking for two female roles for an audio drama called Bruce about a haunted manor with a secret. Audra Skullary: A medium and Bretta Kane: Bretta has an Irish accent. Non-Union - Voice Over JayWorks, Jay's Channel/Jay's Youtube 02/07/15
  Spoof Gatorade commercial Non-Union - Internet Deferred Productions 01/30/15
  Worst Case Scenario Web Series Non-Union - Internet Q City Films 01/27/15
  "Unsavable" the series - one Non-Union - Web Series Embrace Casting 12/01/14
  Zombies Attack Non-Union - Play The Tre Stage 02/27/15
  ThreeSixty's Peter Pan - National Tour Non-Union - Touring Show Mark Minnick 02/26/15
  Basement Non-Union - Play Corey Wright 02/25/15
  Jaded - deferred Non-Union - Play N. Key Productions 02/20/15
  Adam & Eve and Steve OTHER - Musical My Monkey Productions Casting 02/19/15
  Invisable Life The Musical AEA - Staged or Table Reading Proteus E2 Production 02/18/15
  Christian Life Changing Stage Play - TMT Talent Agent Non-Union - Play Too Much Talent Atlanta 02/12/15
  Beer For Breakfast" Non-Union - Play BJS Productions 02/06/15
  Lookingglass Theatre Company of Chicago - (General Casting Database - Chicago Local Talent) AEA - Play Lookingglass Theatre Company 02/05/15
  Miss Black Pennsylvania USA Pageant - Applications can be completed by visiting our website missblackpennsylvaniausa.org Non-Union - Showcase / Competition Miss Black Pennsylvania USA 01/20/15
Shorts & Student Projects
  Mr. Big Shot Non-Union - Undergraduate Thesis Columbia College Cinema Art + Science Dept. 03/01/15
  The Ex-Girlfriend Non-Union - Short Film James Mason 02/28/15
  Night of the Demon (working title) Non-Union - Student Project Cole Mercier 02/27/15
  PB & J Non-Union - Short Film Donovan Films, LLC 02/27/15
  The Eighth Hour Non-Union - Student Project Columbia College Cinema Art + Science Dept. 02/27/15
  The Novel Non-Union - Short Film Maral Servat 02/26/15
  Faceless Non-Union - Short Film Billy Jackson Productions 02/26/15
  Spring: The Fairest of the Seasons Non-Union - Short Film John Henry Haseltine 02/26/15
  Market Garden Non-Union - Short Film EIL-ARr Video Production 02/25/15
  The House Always Wins Non-Union - Short Film Mars Casting 02/25/15
  In-Class Television Scene Performances Non-Union - Directed Scene (In-Class Only) Ryan Panlasigui 02/24/15
  The Hit Non-Union - Short Film Signal 23 TV 02/24/15
  Untitled Congress Films Project SAG - Short Film Congress Films LA 02/24/15
  Ran$om Non-Union - Undergraduate Thesis Elizabeth Ramer 02/24/15
  THE ORANGE Non-Union - Graduate Student Project Yvonne Li 02/23/15
  How To Get Fired in 10 Days Non-Union - Short Film Dywanye' Washington 02/23/15
  Leroy's Lobster Shack Non-Union - Student Project SCHM Productions 02/23/15
  PUSHBACK - Student film for Festival Submission Non-Union - Student Project Jesse Edwards 02/23/15
  Froggy Style SAG-AFTRA - Directed Scene (Filmed) Brandon Hall 02/23/15
  The Devil You Know Non-Union - Student Project Chapman Films 02/23/15
  In Good Faith Non-Union - Thesis Casey Hempel 02/22/15
  Her Chimera Non-Union - Short Film B Rhino LLC 02/22/15
  Ferguson Non-Union - Short Film B Rhino LLC 02/22/15
  Other - Short Film Non-Union - Short Film IndieVision Films 02/22/15
  Holding - film festival submission Non-Union - Short Film IndieVision Films 02/22/15
  Forgive Me Dad Non-Union - Undergraduate Thesis EMIR KUMOVA 02/19/15
  Beneath the strip Non-Union - Graduate Student Thesis Art Institute Of california 02/17/15
  Waiting For... OTHER - Thesis Daniel Brizuela 02/17/15
  Late Night Takeout SAG-AFTRA - Student Project Leila Garrison 02/16/15
  Pushover Non-Union - Short Film Dreamer Pictures 02/13/15
  Express (Short Film) Non-Union - Short Film Scott Blaszak 02/13/15
  THE MUSIC BOX SAG - Short Film avenueROAD films 02/13/15
  A Truth in the Sand SAG - Student Project Servat Casting 02/13/15
  PocketFull of Candy Non-Union - Student Project Columbia College Cinema Art + Science Dept. 02/12/15
  Another Beautiful Day - Today, Joe is going to quit his awful day job and follow his dreams of becoming a successful Hollywood actor! However, while Joe’s head is in the clouds, the dregs of “Rinse and Repeat” keep his feet firmly on the ground. Non-Union - Student Project Columbia College Cinema Art + Science Dept. 02/12/15
  WineWall Non-Union - Art Installation Catherine Auman 02/11/15
  Red Weather Non-Union - Short Film Jordan Downey 02/11/15
  Morning Announcements Non-Union - Short Film Ryan Wilborn 02/10/15
  Lawn of the Year Non-Union - Student Project Rowan Cinema Workshop 02/10/15
  Vile SAG-AFTRA - Short Film Nick Cammilleri 02/10/15
  From P.O.W. to Park Place SAG-AFTRA - Thesis I've SCENE Better Productions 02/09/15
  Totally Normal Non-Union - Student Project Paver Productions 02/09/15
  Goodbye Lily Non-Union - Undergraduate Thesis Columbia College Independent Projects 02/06/15
  SWEET MADNESS Non-Union - Short Film N/A 02/05/15
  Passing By Non-Union - Short Film NYU 02/04/15
  11th 72 Hour Shootout - 2015 OTHER - Short Film Asian American Film Lab, Inc. 02/03/15
  Chokin' The Chicken Non-Union - Short Film 4Tune Productions Inc. 02/02/15
  Manhattan Noir Non-Union - Short Film Kaleidoscopic Productions 01/31/15
  We Want Some SAG - Short Film We Want Some Productions 01/23/15
  How Do I Non-Union - Short Film Bob Hardwicke Productions 01/20/15
  Oscar Bait Non-Union - Student Project Rowan Cinema Workshop 01/12/15
  RetroWorld Trailer Non-Union - Trailer Backbone Casting 01/11/15
  Matt Harrison's UCLA Extension class - General Submissions Non-Union - Student Project Matt Harrison's class 01/09/15
  Whispering Gallery Non-Union - Short Film Dog-Eared Media 01/07/15
  Generation Gap Non-Union - Short Film Chris Fiorentini 01/02/15
  anti smoking Non-Union - Student Project a.i 02/29/08
  Fitness Model Casting Call Non-Union - Print Photographer To GO 02/25/15
Reality TV/Game Show
  Casting Married and Long Dating Couples Non-Union - Reality TV J Shakta Casting 02/23/15
  Married at First Sight Season 3 Non-Union - Reality TV Kinetic Content 01/26/15
  Science of Soulmates Non-Union - Reality TV Kinetic Content 01/22/15
  FIVE STAR - SEEKING SINGLES FOR A LUXURY VACA Non-Union - Reality TV Mystic Art Pictures 01/12/15
  FIVE STAR - STAR IN YOUR OWN SHOW Non-Union - Reality TV Mystic Art Pictures 01/12/15