The Guest
Running Length: 20 Mins. - Genre: dramedy
Shooting Format: 16mm
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Additional Film Information

Synopsis: Maude Began has spent her whole life tending to the needs of others. Gabor, a young Hungarian, has been dreaming of coming to the US since he first met Maude’s daughter. When Gabor lands on Maude’s doorstep expecting to rekindle and old romance, he is surprised to find a better friend in Maude than in her daughter.

Crew List
Writer/Director: Julia Gandelsonas
Producer: Lisa kohn
Producer: Amy Kohn
Cinematographer: Julie Kirkwood
Sound Editor: Cameron Steenhagen
Editors: Monique Zavistovski and Julia Gandelsonas
Assistant Director: Eli Kaufman
Original Score: Dave Lux
Production Design: Jon Marose
Hair/Makeup: Michelle Vance
Cast List
Maude: Jody Jaress
Gabor: Mihaly Szabados
Stephanie: Amanda Egge
Dad: William Knight
Rich: Bradford Stedem

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